FarmLogs Launches AutoHedge App and Announces TerrAvion Partnership

FarmLogs, which has raised $37 million in venture funding to date, has dubbed its new platform a “set it and forget it” approach to grain marketing. AutoHedge enables growers to enroll a percentage of their crop to be marketed from February 28 through July 31, when prices are historically at their best. The AutoHedge app works by automatically pricing enrolled bushels on each trading day during the pricing window, so growers can stay focused on farming while knowing they’re making money, according to the company. Read the announcement on

FarmLogs, with TerrAvion, Delivers Crop Health Imagery Offerings

Basic Satellite Imagery delivers approximately one 10-meter resolution image, which is similar to a yield map, every two weeks.

Premium Aerial Imagery offers ultra high-resolution (10 centimeters to 3.5 meters) data, which is captured by manned aircraft. This imagery gives growers a detail-rich look at what's happening in their fields. Armed with this information, it gives growers the ability to prioritize scouting and to spend less time in the field. Crystal clear, multilayered images are delivered 13 to 15 times throughout the growing season, which allows growers to identify field anomalies and to fix problems before they reduce yield. Growers have the ability to toggle between true color, color infrared, thermal, and NVDI images. Read the announcement on

matthew komorowski