Technology Focus

We invest in platforms that will drastically change how industries operate and profit.


Cloud and Mobile Computing

Spending on public cloud services is projected to reach $141 billion by 2019. By 2020, 71% of global IP traffic will originate from non-PC devices and data generation, by people and machines, will reach 500 zettabytes by 2019. We believe that increasingly powerful and ubiquitous edge computing will enable new insights and applications that will transform old industries.


Internet of Things

It is likely that 50 billion internet-connected devices will accompany 4 billion internet users by 2020. IoT growth will continue to be driven by smaller hardware, inexpensive components and improved battery life. Data processing and analysis requirements will accelerate exponentially, creating tremendous opportunity for software applications.


Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence may be the most transformative technology of our time. It has the potential to impact nearly every function within the enterprise, including how it interacts with consumers. Some projections indicate that AI may displace millions of knowledge workers in the coming decades. Properly applied, we believe that AI may create as many new jobs as it eliminates.


Augmented and Virtual Reality

Enterprise annual revenue related to augmented and virtual reality is projected to exceed $2 billion by 2019. AR and VR will provide opportunities for consumers and businesses to interact and even transact in new and compelling ways.