Huron River Ventures is an early-stage venture fund.

We invest in bold entrepreneurs solving challenges in agriculture, energy, healthcare information technology, manufacturing and mobility—industries located in the Midwest that drive the global economy.


We focus on the Midwest because this region is chronically underserved by venture capital relative to the opportunity that it presents.


Industries critically linked to the Midwest economy—agriculture, energy, healthcare information technology, manufacturing and mobility—are in the midst of unprecedented change.

Disruptive technologies including cloud and mobile computing, IoT, AI, automation and AR/VR have the potential to reorder these industries.

HRV supports the entrepreneurs with the vision to harness these technologies and become the industry leaders of the future.



1. The reason which something is done or created, or for which something exists.

Huron River Ventures exists to generate exceptional returns for our investors by supporting entrepreneurs on their journey to create value and improve people's lives.



1. A plan, method or series of maneuvers for obtaining a specific goal or result.

Huron River Ventures develops a view on where the markets in our sector focus will be in 5–10 years and then we invest accordingly. Once invested, we focus our efforts on supporting our companies in every way possible.


HRV is led by Ryan Waddington

Ryan has been an active technology investor in energy, agriculture, mobility, manufacturing and other resource industries for 18 years, operating from pre-seed through private equity.

Throughout his career, Ryan has led and managed over 40 investments while operating in corporate, family office, non-profit and institutional investment environments, totaling over $200 million of invested and committed capital.


Portfolio Companies

HRV I has invested in 21 companies with 10 exits to date.